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't make it in time. jenna: sad story, elizabeth, thank you. rick: when we come back, do you drive a toyota? another recall from that carmaker. the second in less than two months. the problems now popping up with one of their more popular models. we'll tell you about it live. >>> plus the scandal that brought down the ci past chief and has the top u.s. commander in afghanistan under investigation. we'll talk about how our allies are reacting to that rick: right now, new troubles for toyota as the car giant begins to recall one of its popular models. patti ann browne live in the newsroom with the details. >> toyota will recall 2.77 million vehicles worldwide including some of its popular prius hybrid cars. they say there are steering and water pump problems. it is the carmaker's second multimillion-dollar recall, vehicle recall in a little over a month. toyota says the defects have caused no accidents and can be fixed in an hour or so but this could cost hundreds of millions of dollars for toyota to repair, at least according to one auto analyst. while the recall is widespread, the flaws are
than a trillion dollars for the fifth straight year. toyota recalling almost three million cars worldwide because of steering and water pump problems it covers more than a dozen models, including the prius, a million sold in the u.s.. us airways presented detailed merger plan to -- america's creditors. mark your calendars best days to shop, monday, tuesday, wednesday after turkey day, >>> welcome back. 5:14. beautiful picture from our roof cam as we look south and east of the ferry building. the ferry building is blue because today is world diabetes day and san francisco with many cities around the world will be celebrating the world diabetes day to raise awareness about die kai. -- about diabetes. activities include -- [ inaudible ] >>> up to 800 million shares of facebook stock could hit the market today. the biggest block of facebook stock freed from restriction since the public offering last may no telling how many shares might be sold analysts warned an influx could cause the price to fall further when smaller lock-ups expired. initial price of $38 a share plunged to less t
tonight involving a popular toyota prius. we'll have details plus -- >> an investigative unit exclusive, behind the gates of the california national guard. our report is next. >>> a mother to be dies in ireland after being denied an abortion. why doctors refuse to perform the procedure that could have saved her life. president obama fired up after one of his own comes under fire. >>> the california national guard has long history of helping the state and nation during tough times. >> but a joint investigation by nbc bay area and our sister station knbc in los angeles uncovers a disturbing hidden culture in the guard, some say sexual assault and racism go unchecked. here's our investigation. tony, serious claims here. >>> raj, yes, we spoke with two dozen men and women from the california national guard who call the culture inside toxic. and now they want to expose what they say is the truth. i want it to stop. >> reporter: she's a master sergeant serving in the guard for a dozen years. >> i don't understand. i had faith in this organization. >> reporter: and she's a staff sergeant servi
caso de custodia.y la automotriz toyota anuncio hoy que llamara a revision a 2 millones 700 mil de sus vehiculos alrededor del mundo debido a fallas en el sistema de direccion y defectos en la bomba de agua.mas en noticiero univision. ♪. >>> estamos a solo un día de los latin grammy, y jackie guerrido está en los Ángeles para contarnos qué podemos esperar de la madre naturaleza. >>> gracias, bárbara bermudo, es la gran pregunta, cómo están las condiciones del tiempo para mañana, en la noche de los latin grammy's, tenemos condiciones espectaculares, (información en pantalla), así que a disfrutar quién llega mejor vestido y quién no, nosotros en la gran manzana con 51 grados, condiciones secas para ustedes, con vientos en ráfagas, es la misma situación en chicago, la temperatura en los 40 grados, a diferencia del sur de la florida, con 82 grados, condiciones envidiables para los residentes del norte del país, mientras que esta gráfica muestra condiciones severas, no es el caso, tenemos las condiciones del tiempo para todos los días, pero no es el caso, lo que es el cas
of year. >>> coming up , a double amputee takes part in a history making sky dive. >> up next, toyota announces second major recall for millions of its vehicles. >>> in tonight's consumer alert, thousands of generators recalled. a worldwide recall of millions of toyota vehicles. facebook stock sores. 12% as the lockup period ended today. first employees and investors a chance to unload 800 million shares. the social networking company stock lost half its value since going public in may at $38 a share. >>> another recall tonight. toyota is recalling back 2.77 million vehicles around the world. and the defects could affect your steering or the water pumps in various models. so 670,000 of those vehicles are impacted in the u.s. by the steering issues and then another 630,000 vehicles for a defective water pump. now to the generators. 7700 of them made by power mate sold at home depot are being called back. a fuel leak problem with the sx 500 model. stop using it. contact the company to receive a repair kit. all of it on our web site. wusa 9.com. >> the white house honors a local library
in iraq. >> also, be sure to >>> welcome back at 5:15. new this morning, toyota recalls 2.77 million cars worldwide. it's recalling several hybrid models because of its pump and models. it includes the toyota corolla, wi wish and other models made last year. there have been no injuries or crashes due to this problem. last month toyota recalled cars due to power window issues. >>> breaking news out of iraq, the death toll rising. 17 people dead after a series of car bombs exploded across the country. four bombs planted in cars exploded one after the other in kirkuk. another exploded in central baghdad. that killed one person and injured nine others. iraqi investigators believe insurgents targeted a military convoy. no one has claimed responsibility. >>> a soldier accused of going on a rampage and killing 15 villagers could face the death penalty. he slipped away from his remote village in afghanistan and attacked people living in the kandahar province. the defense argued there is not enough evidence in this case. bales did not testify in the preliminary hearing. a three-star general will d
in with the jummy olabanji. news for some car owners. >> when a that toyota is recalling nearly 2.7 7 million vehicles around the world for a water pump problem and a steering problem that may result in a faulty steering. there is are no accidents reported. they say that all of the millions of cars about 670,000 are here in the nine states. the models and to the petraeus hybrid corolla and some other models between 2000 and 2011. we will post all of the information you need to know about this on our website just go to wjla.com. >> thank you. 4:38. it is cold out there. colder in the outlying areas. >> prepare to bundle up. still to come, the ultimate holiday gift. learn how you can win thousands of dollars in free groceries. >> buzz, buzz, buzz. that is how i got up this morning. learn how you can >> we know it is difficult not to hit the snooze button but we want to make things easier. >> part of our new free iphone app. has all the latest weather, traffic and as personalized alarm towns from some of your favorite anchors. just go to wjla.com/mobile. >> your part of the alarm clock i look fo
. >>> toyota is recalling 2.7 million vehicles because of a water pump issue. the automaker said no accidents have been reported yet but this is the second recall in the past month. priuses and corollas are included in the recall. >>> we all have mornings where we wake up and don't feel well and know we need a six day but 800,000 people in our state can't even earn paid sick days. the working matters campaign advocates paid sick leaves is not only the right thing to do but impacts public health. >> fairness for their worker but also these larger societal questions. >> as a restaurant tour, i don't want sick people serving me or my customers. >> the coalition's work could be on the docket in the next session in annapolis. >>> continuing coverage tonight on an issue that affects a lot of our families but it's also hard to understand -- bullying. researchers looked at the national research and looked appointment all the information parties provided about their children. nearly 64,000 of them. what they found is 15% of children were already considered bullies by their parents. they were also -- t
spreading in poorer countries. >>toyota is recalling more than 20 have billion second generation prisses. this recall is due to the steering and the electric power pump. they stated that the cars will not switch into hybrid mode of their nightsticks. this affects more than 670,000 preexists in the u.s.. this big recall will happen and toyota will notify you next month if you are affected. >>the acting teeth executive along island power authority has resigned effective at the end of the year. he resigned due to the backlash after super storm sandy. just yesterday new york governor stated that he wanted a plan for a special commission to investigate the utility companies. the response to the storm and it has been 2 weeks since sandy stock and more than 50,000 long island residents are still waiting for their power to be restored. the new town poppa john's has filed a lawsuit because the pc chain sent out under wanted spam texas. that offered peace a dills and customers that it is the f- 15 of these and that poppa john's was never acts by these people to get these tax messages. >>text messa
. >>> there is another toyota recallment they were built between 2,002,009 and sold -- 2009 -- 2000 and 2009 and sold in the u.s. some cars are affect by both recalls and toyota promises to make both repairs. >>> it happened at the oakland museum and what officials are doing now to make sure it doesn't happen again. >>> diagnosed with breast cancer at the able of 21 and the important lesson about cell phones. . >>> doctors are warning don't put cell phones next to your body. she was one of many who would carry her phone inside her bra. she never thought it would be unsafe but she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 21 despite not having any risk factors. >> it just so happened the tumors was where her cell phone had been carried. >> they say there is no evidence of it causing breast cancer but doctors don't want them to take this risk. >>> somebody broke into the history gallery on monday just before midnight. they would not say exactly what was stolen but it does include valuable items from the gold rush area. the museum toes have insurance for the entire collection. we understand a man was arrested
face up to 25 years in prison. >> and another major recall today by toyota, recalling nearly 2.8 million vehicles because of a defect that could cause bulky steering. so far there are no reports of any accidents. toyota announced it's recalling 10,000 cars because of pump problems and plans to notify owners next month. this is the third recall in the last two months. >> new developments today in that sex scandal captivating the nation. the army announced it's suspended paula broadwell's security clearance and the director of the fbi speaks to members on intelligence committees.. >> we're safer because of the work that dave petraeus has done. my hope now is that he and his family are able to move on. for the first time today on the sex scandal capturing nation attention and forced david petraeus to resign as director of the cia after admitting to affair with his biographer. >> i have no evidence at this point from what i've seen that classified information was disclosed that in any way would have had negative impact on national security. >> another reexpected four star general g
to resign. >>> if you have a prius, you might have a problem. thousands of the toyota hybrids are being recalled. the recall involves 670,000 of its 2004 to 2009 models. all of the cars are being recalled because of metal used in the steering come opponent. it could wear out and cause steering problems. about half of those cars are also being recalled to replace faulty electric water pumps. toyota said it is not aware of any accidents in the united states related to this recall. >>> new at 11:00, they act like taxis but they're not. and there in lies the problem with popular ride sharing apps. they are thousands of new users but they're also attracting state regulators who say they're illegal. nbc's bay area has more on one new start one that is navigating that roadblock. >> reporter: there are lots of choices when it come to getting around in the bay area. in san francisco, lift rolled into traffic in july. an on demand ride service. >> this is in many ways the evolution of a bulletin board ride board that existed on college campuses decades ago. >> reporter: the co-founder john zimmer
with a catch. jane king has the bloomberg business report. good morning, jane. >> hi, stan. toyota, another blow to the reputation of this company. more than 2.7 million vehicles and does include 607,000 prius hybrids that were sold in the u.s. after faults were detected in the steering and with water pumps. you can go to toyota.com/recall for more information. they had been counting on a surplus and it is smaller than was estimated because of lower interest rates. there will report their losses tomorrow. record annual loss of $15 billion tomorrow. the markets closed lower overall yesterday. futures this morning are looking healthy. t-mobile offering samsung smartphones for foree. you pay up front and male and a a rebate.n apple is lagging behind samsung in the smartphone market. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news, for wbal-tv 11 news. trump.s talk donald he is pretty vocal when it comes to his thoughts and political views. macy's is under pressure to dump the trump. >> a petition is picking up some steam. they want macy's to get rid of the trump brand. more stori
pizza. >>> consumer news for you this morning. toyota is now recalling 2 million vehicles worldwide. the recall involves the prius hybrid due to a problem with the steering mechanism and a defective water pump. last month the company recalled 7 million vehicles for a faulty power window switch. no accidents, though, have been reported. >>> he thought it was a prank when his car full of food vanished. why one deliveryman was stunned to find out that his customers did get their food. this is a story you'll want to hang around for. "good morning maryland at 5:00" begins right now. >>> he was asleep in a bed when a massive fire broke out. now she's fighting for her life in a hospital. we'll have more on this breaking news out of reisterstown. >>> and caught on camera, an mta bus turns into a ww wrestling ring. no joke. what happened in this fight between a driver and a passenger. >>> and ocean city's iconic fishing pier no more than a pile of wood after sandy. what the mayor is giving to bring that pier back to life for tourists. those stories coming up on this wednesday, november 14t
hours from now. >>> toyota taking control over a steering problem that could affect millions of hybrids. hey, everyone. good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. up first, the tangled web that has insnared two of the country's top military women and two women who are not their wives. this morning we are learning much more about jill kelley, the tampa socialite at the heart of the investigations involving general david petraeus and john allen. first there were threatening e-mails sent from petraeus' writer paula broodwell. >> then he resigned as cia director. now john allen, top adviser in afghanistan, is being investigated for flirtatious e-mails he exchanged with kelley over a two-year period. >> kelley is pleading for privacy now even though she finds herself in the middle of a real-life soap and a here. we are hearing her voice now for the first time in a 911 call to tampa police, that was last weekend, she called to complain about the people outside her house citing diplomatic protection, which she doesn't have. li
. >>> troubles for toyota. the two problems prompting a major recall. >> and the wealthy town that has some of the worst roads in the bay area. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, here in the u-s, the recall affects 700-thousa >>> toyota is recalling more than 200 million prius and hybrid corollas worldwide. it affects 700,000 second generation prius cars between 2004 and 2009. problem there's a defect with the steering shaft and the motor in the water pump could just stop working. filed more information on our website, cbssf.com. and this is the second big recall for toyota in two months. >>> it's a bay area community filled with million-dollar homes but ten-cent streets. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman shows us why larkspur is behind the curve when it comes to the quality of its roads. >> reporter: this is a view of the picturesque affluent town of larkspur. this is another. the point of view of a package. yo. >> really bumpy drive. >> reporter: he drove trucks for a long time. if he could he would spurn larkspur. >> i work for numerous driving companies and this is the most roughest toughest bumpiest road i
una camioneta pick up oscura posiblemente una toyota. topvo cesar ---en oakland, la policia publico el retrato hablado de uno de dos sospechosos de intentar raptar a una adolescente el pasado lunes por la tarde en la cuadra mil 400 de la avenida 103.. ---la victima logro escapar de las manos del sujeto y corrio hacia su casa para alertar a sus padres... --el sospechoso esta rasurado y tienen cabello rubio que le llega hasta los hombros... blanca --murio un hombre de 37 aÑos que estaba hospitalizado tras ser salvajemente golpeado durante la celebracion callejera la noche que los gigantes ganaron la serie mundial. take vo ---la agresion ocurrio el 30 de octubre en el distrito haight-ashbury y segun la propia victima, sean moffit, antes de caer inconsciente, le dijo a un amigo que habia sido golpeado con un tubo de metal por 4 sujetos. ---sin embargo la policia cree que el simplemente fue victima de una celebracion violenta de la que habia sido participe y que tras la agresion, se nego a solicitar tratamiento medico. ---ahora los investigadore s revisan video que fue grabado la noche del
en las entradas pero los vehÍculos estacionado en las calles fueron afectados. >> un toyota que se llenÓ de tierra. >> melvin si logrÓ hacerlo arrancar. >> pasaron con una lavadora y no sÉ si me va afectar mÁs alla o no. >> mÁs de una docena de autos tuvieron que ser llevados por grÚas al quedar no util zaeds >> avalancha vino de esa colina mÁs de 45.000 galones de agua fueron hasta esta calle, otra parte hacia la arterÍa mÁs alla, un verdadero desastre para este vecindario. en la colina des habilitada y repletas continuarÁn con las situaciones maÑana, cuando cumplen con la misiÓn incluido despejar el parque cuando quedÓ con sillas y mesas enterradas. >> evacuaron varias viviendas y volvieron despuÉs de pocas horas re regresamos a los estudios. >> un hombre de richmond se encuentra tras las rejas, contactÓ al adolescente a a travÉs del portal haciendose pasar por la jovencita intercambiÓ correos electronicos y cuando a bardo rbordaron un e fue detenido. >> piden ayudar a 2 sujetos que secuestraron a una mujer la semana pasada. y despuÉs de vend vend vendarle los o
to be a victim of extorque. >>> steering defects and faulty water pumps have forced toyota to recall 2.7 million vehicles including some prius hybrids and corollas. >>> target employees have nearly 200,000 signatures for a petition asking not to open at 9:00 p.m. on thanksgiving night. >>> strike debt, an offshoot of occupy wall street, has a new way of helping struggling 99 percenters. the group of professors and comp rate dropouts has raised money to help in defaulted debt for random people. >>> mean child only in beverly hills, a $500 kobe beefburg ger topped and stuffed with truffles. tis the season. >>> finally, a more enduring indulgen indulgence. the 1954 oil on canvass number 1 royal red and blue brought in more than $75.1 million at soth they by's last night. >>> an incredible mud slide caught on tape plus the woman and her idiot sign that she must wear. >>> and the jury verdict that breaks an unofficial police code of silence. headlines are straight ahead. you're watching "early today." >>> other stories making news early today in america. there were no survivors on board a plane that
compania de giros hasta el 31 de marzo del proximo ano... cesar ---la compania automotriz toyota, anuncia que mas de dos millones y medio de sus autos tienen un defecto y tienen que ser llevados a un taller para reparacion... . take vo ---segun la empresa un total de 2 millones 770 mil autos "prius" y corolla tienen problemas con el mecanismo del volante y con la bomba del agua... ---entre los modelos afectados, 670 mil fueron vendidos en los estados unidos.. ---si usted es dueÑo de uno los vehiculos afectados comuniquese con la compaÑia... ---hasta la fecha no se ha reportado ningun accidente a raiz del defecto... stop open roll open blanca ---tiempo de presentarle las imagenes del dia... take pkg video 1 --en boston, massachusett s, por cuarta ocasion en los ultimos meses, alguien se cae en las vias del sistema de tren. --el ultimo fue ayer cuando una mujer cayo en las vias de la estacion en el sur de boston, afortunadame nte no alcanzo a tocar el tercer riel electrico y solo sufrio lesiones en una pierna. --en cada uno de los incidentes, extraÑos ayudan a rescatar a las victimas a s
diremos por quÉ la temporada de compras de navidad podrÍa adelantarse este aÑo. si tiene toyota llamÓ a revision a dos millones 770 mil vehÍculos en el mundo por problemas con el mecanismo de direcciÓn y la bomba de agua de los modelos co corolla, sedan. afecta a 670 mil autos en estados unidos nada mÁs. >>> en new york el porto ariquer puertorriqueÑo pedro hernÁndez confesÓ haber matado a este niÑo en manhattan, el abogado dijo que confesÓ el crimen porque tiene problemas mentales. >>> el dÍa despuÉs de acciÓn de gracias marca el inicio de las compras de navidad. miles de personas van a las tiendas para aprovechar las ofertas, ¿por quÉ este aÑo las compras podrÍan comenzar mÁs temprano?. >>> rafael gutiÉrrez se ha hecho fanÁtico del viernes negro. a las tiendas que abrÍan a la medianoche. >>> mÁs ofertas, hay mas artÍculos que estÁn rebajados y es la oportunidad que te puedes adelantar a las compras de navidad. >>> tendrÁn que cambiar la estrategia, muchas tiendas pretenden abrir mÁs temprano. la misma noche estas empresas tienen planes de abrir a las ocho pm.
that could be seen all along the east coast. just one month after its largest recall ever, toyota is announcing the recall of an additional 2.8 million cars. this time the cars include the flagship prius, due to faulty steering columns and a potentially hazardous wiring issue. no accidents have been reported. the government is cracking down on foreign corruption cases. this week, the justice department and the sec released a guide to the foreign corrupt practices act. the law bans american businesses from using bribes to help business abroad. foreign corruption cases have spiked in recent years. earlier this year, wal-mart came under fire when the company was accused of corporate bribery in mexico. the cases are gaining attention due to the enormous fees companies pay as settlements. strikes by union workers in europe are gaining support. the latest walkouts in spain, portugal and greece caused flight delays, shut down manufacturing plants and slowed traffic at retailers. union employees are protesting government budget cuts to healthcare, education, and pensions, while taxes are
.... for toyota.../// , they're ... recalling... nearly... / 3--milliin... vehicles poday.../ due... to... a steering... and water pump... p. problem.the... recall includes tte prius hybrid... corolla..... and other models prrduced in japan from the year 2000 to 20122..//. this is the company's... second major recaal... in recent months...//.the company says owners that are affected will be notifiee by mmil next pt.... a... good day ...to adoot... a... pet... in... annn arundee county. next... four days ... there are ..no adoption fees.../ if... or... ann... .../ anne arundel counny animal coonrol....//it's... a... good deal../. usually... it... cost... betweee... 26 to 6 dollars... a piece... / donor agreed to pay the erous - adoptton fees for adoptors. to raise awareness about adoptable pets at facilitiies like ours, animal cootrol. they're calling... the program ..."thankssfor giving".../ , and... it runs now ...thru.. satuuday. 3 another cool ffll day in charm . city. but are we getting anywhere near ttat 32 degree mark? pet's go
Search Results 58 to 81 of about 182 (some duplicates have been removed)

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